March 2016

Brief write up and photos detailing the concluding celebration of our Community Print Pop-Up Project.

February 2016
“inPrint Collective Celebrates Completion of Murals”

Follow-up article on our Community Print Pop-Up Project.

January 2016
“Beach Arts Scene January 27, 2016″
Beach Metro

Article discussing inPrint’s Community Print Pop-Up Project in the east end of Toronto.

“inPrint Puts its Stamp On the East End”

Article detailing the experience of participant Kim Dolan in our Community Print Pop-Up Project.

March 2015

Brief write-up and pictures of inPrint’s exhibition and opening reception for “Chrometaphors” at Graven Feather.

December 2014

Brief write-up and pictures detailing inPrint’s year-end fundraiser “Hard Pressed to Print III” at Ratio.

November 2014

Brief write-up and pictures detailing one of our two 2014 Culture Days demonstration, this one taking place at the Ratio Artist Market.

Summer 2014

Brief look at how inPrint upcycled Alternative Grounds’ burlap bags for printmaking purposes during their set design workshops at the Scarborough Museum.

June 12th, 2014
“History in Action at the Scarborough Historical Museum”

Article detailing the Keystone Theatre play created for the Scarborough Museum, with the Youth Collective and inPrint as set-designers.

February 2014

Brief write-up about Graven Feather’s Holiday Art Market, which inPrint participated in.

September 26th, 2013
“Scarborough Brings Back the Printing Press”

Article detailing inPrint’s Culture Days collaboration with the Scarborough Museum.

February 1st, 2013
“Success and Failure on Display at Exhibit”

An article discussing inPrint’s show “Beyond the Press” at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.

December 6th, 2012
“Scarborough Museum Honours Artist Collective at Lamplight Event”

Article discussing inPrint’s first collaboration with the Scarborough Museum, “Impressions of Scarborough”.

December 2011
inPrint Collective (Arts Profile)

An article discussing inPrint’s upcoming Annual General Meeting for 2011, by Patrick Connors. is a Toronto-based online local news source covering a variety of stories, from the arts, healthcare, social issues and more.

November 2011

A brief write-up and pictures from our contribution to the 2011 edition of Culture Days with our Bookbinding Bee! Held at the Dufferin/St. Clair branch of the Toronto Public Library, we also shared space with a sound installation by Vlad Rudakov, as well as a Origami session.

December 2010

Culture Days Video celebrating its inaugural year of events! There’s a quick snapshot of us doing a silkscreen demo on a t-shirt at the Yonge and Dundas Square kick-off event in Toronto.

November 2010

A brief write up about inPrint’s show, inPrint @ Haus: A Small-Print Show, which was affiliated with Printopolis, an international four day symposium focused on printmaking held by Toronto’s Open Studio. The show was held at HAUS, a boutique in the BloorDale Village. Pictures are from our opening night.

August 9, 2010
Derooted Creative Agency, “Thoughts”
Client profile

“It is often a challenge for artists to make art for a living as well as find ways to continue creating, considering the economy and the current cultural cutbacks cultivating these artists is extremely important. This is a feeling that the members of InPrint Collective share…” ()

May 2010

A brief write up about InPrint’s first curated show, Stomping Grounds.  Pictures are from our opening, which happened in conjunction withopen mic night at Alternative Grounds.

April 23, 2009
“Book Lovers Migrate To Annual Wayzgoose Fair”

Write-up on the 2009 edition of Wayzgoose, marking inPrint’s first appearance at the book arts fair.

January 16, 2009

Artist Profile with the inPrint collective in Mondo Magazine
By: Kerry Freek

“From FADO to 640 480 to Exploding Motor Car to Team Macho (the list goes on), Toronto’s art scene (past, present, and hopefully future) contains an astounding number of talented, relevant, and productive artist collectives. One such group, the newly formed inPrint Collective,  is focusing on promoting printmaking in the city.” My major requires me hire someone to write my essay paper to write lab reports, so the most help and improvement from high school to college has been in that area

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